Review ReviewIf you are ill during your studies, then this essay writing service can really help you get things in order and make sure that you do not miss your deadlines. They can make it so that you can hand in your essays on time and still get a great grade. They have a lot of writers on staff, which means you are unlikely to be turned away if you are writing an essay on a mainstream subject. Hand in their work as your own or you can use it as reference material. All of their writers are in-house writers, so you do not have to worry about third parties knowing about your purchase.

Customer support

The website is laid out in a very easy to understand way and this makes contacting the customer support a little easier too. They have a toll free number that you can use; there is a blog for further answers and an FAQ for the more common questions. Go to the bottom of the homepage and you will see their toll free number again, and you may find their office address and their email address. Their staff are very professional and helpful, even if you are a little difficult with them at times or if you are highly stressed out.

Services the site provides

There are a lot of services that this essay writing company can offer you as a student, and even though there is not enough room to include them all, here are a few of them. This essay writing service is able to offer: speeches, research papers, research proposals, coursework, book reports movie review, introduction chapters, personal statements, thesis proposals, thesis writing, reaction papers, case studies, research paper, research paper evaluations, annotated bibliographies, presentations, and an article critique.

Prices & discounts

The price of your project is going to depend upon what it entails and what sort of level you want to work to be at. If you want the work in as little as eight hours, then it could cost you as much as $128 per page. If you are willing to wait fourteen days, then it can cost you as little as $10 per page. There are also lots of additional extras that you can buy. Their discount scheme runs on a life-time discount. After your first order you are given a 5% discount. After your 20th order you are given a 10% discount, and after your 25th order you are given a 15% discount.


They have a large team of writers, which is one of the reasons why your work will always be delivered on time. Even if your writer becomes very ill, there are other people waiting to take his or her place. It also means there are plenty of people who know your subject and can take on the project, and there are lots of people available to work on and tweak your work before it is delivered for direct download and/or via email delivery. They even have a large customer support team so that you will get through to them at peak times.

Special offer

They do not really have a special offer, but if you are a first time buyer then you can get a 5% discount if your order totals more than $500 and a 10% if your order totals more than $1000. None of the discounts are applicable if your order comes to $30 or less. This includes the offers just listed and the ones listed above. They also note that none of the discounts may be combined in any way.


The quality of the work is excellent in part due to the fact that they do not use templates in any way. Other essay writing companies will use templates to make the writing process go a little quicker, plus to help writers who are sub-par. However, such template driven work is often spotted by people in universities and does not offer a high quality. This essay writing company does not use templates as there is no need. The writer of your project is already qualified in the subject you are trying to work on and has already read the material that you are ploughing through right now.