Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay TopicsPeople compose arguments every day. They have an argument against going to the gym or paying their utility bills. But forming an argumentative style essay for a professional location is not as easy as arguing with your spouse about which television show to watch.

An argument must be easy to follow, with clear details to back up a position. It is different than complaining and requires a certain style in terms of word choice and sentence structure. An argumentative essay must take a clear stand on an issue, addressing both pros and cons – but with the intention of persuading the reader to see things a certain way.

In essence, writing an argumentative essay isn’t as easy as folding a towel or fetching the mail. It takes time and skill. A writer must narrow down a topic appropriately and use extensive research (statistics and quotes) to back up their position. An argumentative essay must be worded carefully and edited thoroughly so that errors do not distract from the overall message.

Sometimes it is best to seek professional assistance in the writing or planning of an argumentative style essay.

There are many different topics people can choose for their argumentative essay.

Some issues are more controversial than others – such topics are:

  • polygamy
  • abortion
  • capital punishment
  • stem cell research
  • torture
  • evolution
  • gun control.

Other topics are less controversial but can still be used to formulate an argumentative essay:

  • the use of school uniforms
  • the implementation of curfews
  • violent video games
  • airport security regulations
  • and banking fees.

For an argumentative essay, people can also form an opinion on things like:

  • standardized testing
  • the legalization of marijuana
  • animal testing
  • gun control

Arguments can also be developed on:

  • drinking age
  • voting policies
  • tobacco use
  • deforestation
  • gay rights
  • the student dropout rate.

Writers can argue for or against the teaching of creationism in school. They can write about recent laws that have been formed by the government and whether they approve. They can argue for or against the democratic process, or communist philosophies.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional writer to custom design an argumentative essay. They have natural talent at crafting pieces of writing and understand different formats that may be required. A custom essay will help a university student save time needed for studying and alleviate a great deal of stress.