Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph EssayIt is not a piece of cake to write an essay, it is the most difficult task to write a five paragraph essay. Essay is concise it is not too large and a very nice way to express your thoughts and opinion and how you look at certain topic. Many people find it difficult to write an essay although they have many things related to their topic in their mind but it is not about having material in your mind you need put them words in a way to impress people with your writing and grab the reader’s attention is the main goal of your writing material. You need to focus on some tips with the help of tips you can easily write an essay and you need to invest some your time means you need to practice a lot in this way you could be good and impressive writer.


Your introduction of an essay must clearly the subject of your essay. This stage requires the main points of your essay. You need to introduce what will your main points. It needs to be powerful to create a great interest to attract a reader. And make sure your paragraphs are not too long because, if a paragraph is long readers find your essay boring and it failed to hold a reader’s attention.

Developing your main idea, your second idea and third idea

After giving an introduction now go for the main idea. In second paragraph you need to develop your main idea. You need to explain your main idea your opinions and thoughts. And if you want enhance the interest of reader then you should discuss your topic with several aspects. Once you given your main idea now you need to explain your second idea, in the third paragraph you relate with the main idea. The main purpose of your third paragraph is to augment and to expand on the points or main points discussed in your essay. After giving your second idea you discuss minor parts like what is purpose of your writing.


Conclusion plays a vital role in an essay. In conclusion you summarize of what you have briefly discussed in your essay.